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The 2014 Build Season “Kicks Off”!
This year, we will be making a robot for the 2014 FIRST game “Aerial Assist”. In this game, robots will have to launch balls into high goals. A video demonstration of the game can be found here. Also, check out the progress of our robot here.
Lawn Mower Winterization
Every year, The Cat Attack team holds a fundraiser to help our community and pay our expenses. The Lawn Mower Winterization is a process to prepare a lawn mower for a long winter. Some of the things we do to the lawn mower include scraping the grass, sharpening the blades, and changing the oil. Finally, we power wash the lawn mower. We hope to see you there on November 23!

FRC Team 451, The Cat Attack, is a high school robotics team founded by Sylvania Northview High School, but later included students from other Toledo area high schools. We are an extra-curricular team sponsored by the DANA Holding Corporation and more. During the summer and pre-season, we build robots and work on other projects to improve our skills for the main build season. Our build season is our six-week period during which we build a robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition. After building a robot to complete the given task, the team usually competes in two regional competitions. Being on the team is a unique experience, and building a robot as a team teaches vital skills, which can be used outside the science and technology fields. These include working with a team, thinking critically, and using learned information to produce a working robot.

Our Goals

  1. Encourage the creativity of our team
  2. Infuse enthusiasm, excitement and team bonding by working on technological challenges together
  3. Build confidence, develop communication skills, and learn how rewarding a career in engineering and technology can be
  4. Encourage every student to become proficient in some area of engineering and develop leadership amongst our youth who will be the science and engineering leaders of tomorrow

Mission Statement

The Cat Attack’s mission is to experience the fun, excitement, and hard work of using math, science, technology and teamwork to accomplish goals—forming a partnership between students and engineers in the process. Excellence can be attained if you:

“Care more than others think is wise
Risk more than others think is safe
Dream more than others think is practical
Expect more than others think is possible”
— Anonymous

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